Friday, March 29, 2013

A Quick Note Of Housekeeping - A Few Looks

Hey everybunny! I just wanted to let you know the shop is currently closed and will be closed until April 15th. I also wanted to remind you that I am on instagram (@moonrabbitcosmetics) so come check it out. I post product photos, swatches, looks, random daily life things.

Here are a few looks I have done over the past month or so.

Cupid (highlight)
6 More Weeks of Winter (crease - transition color)
Watching For UFOs (lid)
TV Dinner (crease)

Old Moon (brow highlight)
Birthday Cake (inner corner)
Story Book Love (lid)
Commander (crease)
Bo Cleevil (liner)

 Daffydil (inner corner)
Red Magma (brow highlight)
6 More Weeks of Winter (transition color)
Back Seat Bingo (inner 1/2 lid)
Blue Hurricane (outer 1/2 lid)
Bo Cleevil (liner)

Storybook Love (inner corner)
Commander (lid)
Bo Cleevil (crease)
LORAC 3D Liquid Lustre - Diamond

Birthday Cake (highlight)
Back Seat Bingo (inner 1/2 lid)
Commander (outer 1/2 lid)
Bo Cleevil (crease)

What do you think of these looks? Do you have a favorite?
Would you try any of these color combinations?

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